A 1960s bungalow at the end of a quiet lane in Dundrum, Co. Dublin has been imaginatively renovated, reordered and extended by Robert Bourke Architects, who are participating in the RIAI Simon Open Door Campaign.

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Building is complex and RIAI Registered Architects are professionally qualified in design to maximise the potential of a project.

RIAI Simon Open Door allows homeowners to have an initial discussion about their project with a Registered Architect – who will be able to give you some advice and outline next steps.  For a donation of €120, you can book a one-hour consultation with a Registered Architect. During this session, you can talk about your plans for building, renovating, or making energy-efficient upgrades to your home.

Most consultations take place in the Architect's office or online.

RIAI Simon Open Door

supports those engaged in retrofitting, extending or building a new home by providing access to a Registered Architect for some initial advice

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How to make the most out of your one-hour session?

Then, when planning for your consultation, it can be useful to have the following:

• Photos of the elevations of your property (front and rear) and adjoining houses.

Photos of both interior and exterior of your house / apartment.
The full dimensions of the rooms, perhaps using the auctioneer's floor plan if available. Links from myhome.ie or daft.ie or aerial images from Google Maps showing the neighbouring properties for context and the property in question at a larger scale. Note: photos from first floor windows often help give a clearer understanding of boundary conditions.

For extensions and new build projects - general site dimensions and the approximate area for the proposed development. This is especially important if you want to have building work done in back and side gardens. Note:  Pinterest.com may have images useful for quickly communicating the feel / style you like.

• Consider any other issues regarding access, land ownership or rights of way that might be a problem. Note: www.landdirect.ie may be useful in clearly identifying boundaries.

• Any information available related to similar building works carried out in the immediate area.

To make the most of your consultation, include the following information in your Project Description:

Describe your property type:  Apartment, Bungalow, Cottage, Conservation/ Protected Structure, Detached, Semi detached, Terrace, End of Terrace.

Add a brief description of what you want to achieve. For example, the space and additional rooms required. Special facilities for those with disabilities? Also, confirmation of the space’s orientation - where is north/south/east/west

• Provide a rough idea of your budget (it should include VAT, fees, furniture and landscaping if applicable)

• Mention whether the dwelling has obtained planning permission or been previously extended?

• You can include a link to, for example, Dropbox, with further information.

A stylish and well-design house exterior. An image of a group of people consulting.
Top Image: Farmhouse Extension by Studio Red. Bottom Image: A typical RIAI Simon Open Door consultation.

What to expect from your Consultation?

Due to the time constraints, it won’t be possible to receive specific planning advice or an actual design from the Architect. What you can expect are:

• General ideas and advice on your project
• Advice on Architect’s fees and services
• Information on building costs including VAT
• The Architect may provide you with a rough sketch plan 
• Discussion on building materials likely to be used
• Brief discussion on planning requirements or if you are exempted from planning permission
• Brief outline of documents that will be used for planning, tenders, and building contracts

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